Elite Escorts in London

My first job in London was for an airport escort agency in Luton. Luton is not a very busy airport, but you do get quite a lot of business men flying in and out. On top of that I had a lot of dates with pilots, and that is good because it means that you have regulars. More than anything, it was a really good opportunity to learn about escorting. Before I worked at the Luton agency, I hardly knew nothing about escorting, so you could say that I learned my trade there. I also managed to save a lot of money.

Moving On

I had a couple of friends who worked for an elite Escorts in London agency. It sounded like they were doing great, and I was just hitching to have a go. But, it wasn’t going to be that simple to become an elite Escorts in London. What I didn’t realize what that the girls had done lots of different jobs to get into their current positions. Yes, they had worked for come central Escorts in London agencies, but they were not elite agencies. On top of that, they had also worked in lap dancing clubs, and hostess bars in London. All of this looked good on their CV.

Going elite

I had my photos down professionally. It made me look like a model, and I have to say it was a good idea. Having what I call a glamour portfolio helps. I makes it a lot easier to pitch to elite Escorts in London agencies, and it does make you look like a pro. After a little while, i started to pitch myself to different VIP and elite Escorts in London agencies, and I started to get interviews. On my CV I went into a lot of detail, and even showed them pictures of my wardrobe. I had learned from the friends of mine who worked as escorts for the top agencies, that as a top escort, you would be expected to deal with all sort of social situations. You might be going out to dinner one night, and the next night, another date may want to take you out to the opera. Yes, the movie Pretty Woman does have some bearing on real life. Finally, I got myself a job for an elite London agency, and it was a really great opportunity.

The secret to the escort industry

Let me tell you now, that the secret to being a successful Escorts in London, and making lots of money. is regular dates. At first it was a bit slow as gents needed to get to know me, but after two months at the agency, I was able to start build up regulars. It made a huge difference my income as an escort working in London. Now, I was finally able to earn that sort of money that I had dreamed off. It was good to be able to appreciate that there are financial rewards to working as a Escorts in London.

How much money can you earn?

The first thing people normally ask me about my job, is how much money I make. A lot of the time, I don’t like saying because it sounds like bragging, but I do earn about £325,000 as a Escorts in London every year. It is great deal of money, and that amount does not include tips. The tips that you can earn as a Escorts in London is about £50,000 per year, but a lot of the girls who have been in the Escorts in London business for longer, earn more than that. Yes, you do have to pay tax, but I don’t pay tax on my tips. Not all tips come to you in cash. When you work as a Escorts in London, you often are given presents and gifts as well. I have been given nice jewellery, clothes and hand bags. Most of them are designer or branded goods. Top brands perfumes are popular as gifts, and you may even be given beauty vouchers at some of the best saloons in London. All of this adds to the financial benefits of being an elite London girl.

What have I done with my money?

With my money, I have been able to buy my own apartment, and I am saving up for another apartment. In the future, when I go on to do something else, I will live in one apartment and rent the other one out. It will sort of be my little retirement fund. It is unlikely that I will go back to Poland. I like like living in London, and this job really does have some serious financial benefits.